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My Money Site
6:18 AM
My name is Maria Kinara. I make a living online. I do not, however, do PTR, PTC, GPT, Surveys , Affiliates and MLM. I am an investor on autosurfs, HYIP and Money Cycler, and Matrix. I evaluate sites on these  criterias: a) How fast the site porcess your request, buying and withdraw? b) are there any complaints about the sites? c) can the site survive ddos attacks? This one is very important. DDOS attacks has brought down many sites.
Below are the site I currently invest in. I divide the sites into 3 categories: Short-Term ; Long-Term and Site to Watch
Short Term: As the name implies these are the site you expect to get ROI hight and fast. Usually within 1 month. The two I want to introduce here are autosurf.
8dailyforever is in business since June 2008 and have been members since then. The site quickly earn a good reputation among autosurf investors due to the honesty of site owner and the determination to overcome ddos attacks. This site has sufferred 2 ddos attacks and each time they come out strong than before. I have check thru all forums and there never has even one complaint about 8dailyforever. Owners did compensate mebers for lost days. So it's very good
How does it works:
First you signup here as free . Then go to Upgrade to buy a unit -Minimum is $8.00 then you for 8 sites you earn an interest for that day. In phase I you can surf forever till you decide it's enough and withdraw your money. But, remeber your ad pack will expire when you withdraw your money. So, becareful don't withdraw early.
I have an investment of over $2,000.00 so 8dailyforever better be safe
 This site is new and quickly earn a good reputation. Widraw request process within hours. I am very pleased with the site. The site has been attacked by ddos one and owner quickly send a link so members can surf and quickly compensate for lost days and vow not let it happen again. 
Some of the features are:
* 12% for 12 days
* 6% referral commission
* Withdrawals are paid at expiration
* Minimum ad pack is $6.00
Long-Term: Are site that you invest your money in today and not to expect a return next 12 days or next month, but, the earning potential is huge.
Step2Infinity is a perpetual growth model with huge income potential. The cost is $5.00.
Here is how it works:
You have a team of 12. Each one join after you will go under your team. In theory you only have to recruit 3 members under you and each 3 members recruit another 3 members . This is how you fill your matrix. When your team of 12 is filled you will get a bonus and move to the next level. And you start the cycle again and your bonus will be higher. On diamond level you will get pay for every downline who join after you.
So the potential is big but also the problem. It will take for ever to fill the first level never mind the next and the next. It will require you do a lot of advertising. Click here for more information
So come the
 When you buy a position/share of they will give 1 Steps2Infinity position and place you in their forced matrix system and share with you their income profit. So you earn money the very next minute you buy a position. When the next person comes in they will pace that person under you and share with you their daily benefits. They will palce referral under you until you have 3 referrals and they will place referral under your downline, but you will get the benefit because it in your team. So when your team of 12 is full you will cash out the benefit at Step2infinity. Plus they will give you month end bonus. This month-end bonus is based on income the site earn outside of, so sales does not effect much. Of course you get referral pay from each position from your direct referral for life. that means as long as that referral under you invest in the site you will earn money.
Here what the site says:

4 Money Pools

- Pools One: Daily Profits Sharing. 1 Position sold/80positions share commission bonus

- Pool Two: $1.00 immediately from each position of your direct referral for life

- Pool Three: Monthly Special Bonus

- Pool Four: payout bonus. We give S2I referral to fill a team of 3X2 for you. This process via a forced matrix.

Position cost: $12.00- No monthly fee
Currently goes into Silver thanks to
Site to Watch: It simply means I do not have enough information to evaluate the site.
Mytur4Bux: Site invest in advertise and share profits with you. ROI is hight. Request payment takes about 24 hrs compare to hours or minutes as with the 2 autosurf sites list above. Minimum investment is $50.00
last but not least, this site: lets you promote your site for free. You can post your ads there 15 times a day as free members. Plus there are many advertise tools such as link cloaker, url rotator so you can add all of your site in 1 link and promote that link. Down Line Builder to add your favorite Program. CB Mall to share adertisement income
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